Conference on “the place of women in architecture in Europe”

On March 8, 2021 

Conference on “the place of women
in architecture in Europe”. 

  • 3:00 pm Claudia MATTOGNO architect urban planner, professor at the University of Architecture of the Sapienza of Rome -ITALY- presents the history of women in architecture.
  • 3:25 pm Angela BRADY architect and former president of the RIBA – UK will present her action in favour of women in her action Diversity and Women in Architecture in England and Ireland.
  • 3:40 Bettina DREIER FIALA, architect member of the Chamber of Architects of AUSTRIA and responsible for the Erasmus plus YesWePlan! project, to improve the place of women in architecture.
  • 3:55 pm Spela KUHAR, member of the Slovenian Chamber of Architects and referent of the Erasmus plus “YesWePlan! project.
  • 4:00 pm Catherine GUYOT architect President of Women In and Secretary General of ARVHA will present the Woman Architects Award which for the past 9 years has been rewarding talented women architects.
The 6 French laureates of the Woman Architect 2020 Award will present their professional backgrounds, explain the reasons that led them to apply for this award, and propose solutions to improve the place of women in architecture.
  • 4:10 pm The young women architects Stéphanie Franceschi, Caroline Mangin and Marie Fade, from the architect OH! SOM based in Marseille, winner of the Young Woman Architect 2020 Award, will talk about their experiences and projects,
  • 4:25 p.m. Sophie DENISSOF – Associate Architect CASTRO DENISSOF will talk about her experience as an associate architect at Roland CASTRO and her involvement in projects, including the one that led to the awarding of the mention OEUVRE ORIGINALE for the Habiter le ciel building in Aubervilliers.
  • 4:35 pm Architect Cathrin TREBELJAHR, an architect practicing in France and Switzerland, who won the PRIX OEUVRE ORIGINALE for the restructuring of the VERSOIX center, will talk about her experience as head of her agency, and how she walks the road to success by producing quality architecture.
  • 4:45 pm Florence LIPSKY associate architect – LIPSKY ROLLET – winner of the ARVHA 2020 WOMAN ARCHITECT AWARD will speak about her commitment as a professor and practitioner of architecture to produce quality projects.Two winners of the international prize, each one particularly involved in a rich, promising, egalitarian and contemporary architecture:
  • 5:00 pm Anna HERINGER, a German architect who is the bearer of an architecture using local materials and building with the people in China, Bangladesh, India and Europe.
  • 5:15 Benedetta TAGLIABUE Director of the agency Tagliabue Miralles will present her projects and the relevance of her architectural responses in Spain, China and France, where she rehabilitated a building in ROMAINVILLE to adapt it to current need