ARVHA, Association for Research about City and Housing, launches in 2023 the 11th edition of The Prize of Women Architects with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Family, childhood, and women’s Rights, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal and the National council of the Order of Architects. The Prize of 2023 has also the support of BNP Paribas Real Estate, Heidelberg, Bouygues Immobilier, Technal, Unibail Rodamco .

Prize 2023

This Prize aims to highlight the Works and the careers of women architects, so that young women architects may be inspired by existing feminine models, and encourage the parity in a profession with a male dominance. The conditions to participate to the Prize are to be registred to the Order of Architects and to be the author of the projects presented.


Prize young woman architect: under 40 years old, 3 to 5 projects realized or not.

Prize Original work: realized by a woman architect

Prize woman architect: 3 to 5 projects built

International Prize: 3 to 5 projects built by a woman architect registered to the Order of Architect of her country, except France

Launch of the 2023 Prize for Women Architects

Four prizes will be awarded:

  • Young Woman Architect Prize, under 40 – 3 projects out of 5 completed or not;
  • Prize for the original work produced by a woman architect;
  • Woman Architect Award – 3 to 5 works built;
  • International Prize – 3 to 5 works built by a woman architect registered with the Order of Non-French Architects.

The competition will be open from July 15 and will close on September 15, 2023.

Award ceremony on November 23, 2023 at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Condolences for the family of Renée gailhoustet
In these painful moments I send to the family and friends of Renée GAILHOUSTET all our condolences for the disappearance of Renée GAILHOUSTET who, in addition to being a mother, was a remarkable architect full of talent and generosity in both her professional and personal life.
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Results of the Women Architect of the Year 2023 Award

Woman Architect Award 2023
Françoise N’Thépé

Young Woman Architect Award 2023

International Prize 2023

Original work prize
Ludovica DI FALCO

Special mention :
Woman International Prize 2023

Antonella Mari

Special mention :
Young Woman Architect 2023


Gallery Prize 2022

Les lauréates et le jury 2022

The winners and the jury 2022

Sophie Berthelier - Lauréate du Prix femme architecte 2017

Sophie Berthelier – Winner of the 2017 Woman Architect Prize

Sara Martin Camara - Lauréate oeuvre originale 2021

Sara Martin Camara – 2021 Original Work Winner

Bridget Monroe - Senior architect chez RSHP Londres WIA England

Bridget Monroe – Senior architect chez RSHP Londres WIA England

Anna Ramos - Directrice de la Fondation Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelone

Anna Ramos – Director of the Mies Van Der Rohe Foundation Barcelona

Marie-Pierre Rixain - Députée de l’Essonne

Marie-Pierre Rixain – MP for Essonne

Marion Triboulet - Mention spéciale jeune femme architecte 2021

Marion Triboulet – Special mention young woman architect 2021

Sophie BERTHELIER lauréate femme architecte 2017 secrétaire générale de l'académie d'architecture , Roxana MONTIEL lauréate prix international 2022 et Catherine GUYOT présidente de women In Architecture Fr et secrétaire générale de l'ARVHA

Sophie BERTHELIER laureate woman architect 2017
secretary general of the academy of architecture, Roxana MONTIEL winner of the international prize 2022
and Catherine GUYOT president of women In Architecture Fr and general secretary of ARVHA

Fabienne BULLE lauréate œuvre originale 2018 et Catherine GUYOT présidente de women In Architecture Fr et secrétaire générale de l'ARVHA

Fabienne BULLE winner of the 2018 original work and Catherine GUYOT president of women In Architecture Fr and general secretary of ARVHA

Latest Event

BAP 2022 women architects winner of the prize at the architecture biennial

BAP 2022 City and nature workshop led by ARVHA with Catherine GUYOT prize women architects

BAP 2022 women architects winners of the arvha women architects prize at the architecture biennale


Catherine GUYOT president WOMEN IN

Catherine GUYOT president WOMEN IN – ARVHA talks about the Prix des Femmes ARCHITECTES

Interview de ANGELA BRADI

March 8, 2021 Angela BRADY talks to us about her experience as the founder of the WOMEN IN ARCHITECTURE UK group, former president of RIBA who created Diversecity for people of diversity in architecture. She has been fighting for equality in the architectural profession for more than 20 years. Well done Angela. . . She was part of the Prix Femme architecte jury in 2013 for the first edition.

Interview by Bettina Dreier

Bettina DREIER FIALA architect and member of the Chamber of Architects and Engineers of Austria talks to us about the reasons that motivated the Austrians to propose
this Erasmus + project “YesWePlan” which seeks to improve the conditions of women architects in EUROPE; this project is led by 5 countries: France with ARVHA Austria, Germany and Slovenia with the chamber of architects and engineers and Spain with the Polytechnic University of Valencia. A conference is scheduled for May 2021 in Saint Denis to allow a live meeting of its main members as well as the French network of women architects Women In Architecture, led by Catherine GUYOT.

Video and photos of the Conference of the exhibition of the ARVHA Women Architects Award Winners

Mairie du 3eme arrondissement de paris, 2 rue Eugène Spuller 75003 Paris.

Film of the 2020 Women Architects Award Ceremony

Film of the 2019 Women Architects Award Ceremony

Photos of the 2019 ceremony

Photos of the 2018 ceremony

Architectural visits in Paris and Ile de France


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