ARVHA, Association for Research about City and Housing, launches in 2018 the 6th edition of The Prize of Women Architects with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Family, childhood, and women’s Rights, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal and the National council of the Order of Architects. The Prize of 2018 has also the support of BNP Paribas Real Estate, Ciments Calcia, Rockwool, Technal, Unibail Rodamco and Saint Gobain.

Prize 2018

This Prize aims to highlight the Works and the careers of women architects, so that young women architects may be inspired by existing feminine models, and encourage the parity in a profession with a male dominance. The conditions to participate to the Prize are to be registred to the Order of Architects and to be the author of the projects presented.


Prize young woman architect: under 40 years old, 3 to 5 projects realized or not.

Prize Original work: realized by a woman architect

Prize woman architect: 3 to 5 projects built

International Prize: 3 to 5 projects built by a woman architect registered to the Order of Architect of her country, except France

We are very happy to invite you on the Biennale d’architecture in Venizia
for the exhibition of Women Architects Winners of the Prize 2015 – 2016 – 2017

at the Palazzo Morra Strada Nuova 3659 30121 Venizia from the 24rd of May2018 ( launch the 24th at 16 h until 22 h pm )until the 26rd of November 2018

– To the talk in Palazzo ROSSINI the 25 th of May at 9 h 30 am with the Winners of the award Women Architect 2015 2016 et 2017 with Catherine GUYOT ARVHA, Sophie BERTHELIER winner of the Prize 2017 Women Architect and Veronique DESCAHRRIERES winner of the original work of the award 2015 and Amelia TAVELLA winner of the prize 2016 young woman architect

Creation of the French Network of Women in Architecture
Women In Architecture France in Paris on April 20th, 2018 with ESTP au féminin at the SIDETP 15 rue Cortambert 75016 Paris

Link to upload program (En) Mandatory registration at

Associate partners of Women In Architecture France

ARVHA Association for Research on City and Dwelling, created in 1994 for the promotion, research and training in architecture and the fight against all forms of discrimination, member of WIA since 2005, author of a study on the situation of women in the architecture field in 2012, organizer of conferences exhibitions and actions for the promotion of women architects since 1998 and creator of the annual prize for women architects in 2013.

ARVHA organizes many events in France and abroad, especially in Venice this year for the International Architecture Exhibition. The association has participated in international conferences on the question of architecture and professional equality for 20 years (Athens, Algiers, Rabat, Brussels, London, Dublin, Lausanne, Hamburg, Lintz, Frankfurt, Rome, Venice, Turin…)
Architectuelles Hauts-de-France: after an action during 4 years in the CROA of Nord Pas de Calais under the impetus of its president Béatrice Auxent and with the sponsorship of Catherine Guyot, the movement is created in association Hauts-de-France on January 30th, 2018. Béatrice Auxent is elected President among a 12-member Board. Its action includes the organization of architectural visits of Women Architects, the sharing of experiences and expertise within the network in the form of coaching, conferences or round tables, inter-network exchange of events and major meetings with actors from related sectors, the preparation of major annual events…

5:30 Introduction by Catherine GUYOT Chairwoman of Women in Architecture France

 Why this collective, what diagnosis of the profession and what actions to take?

Presentation of the situation of women architects in Europe according to a European survey conducted by the newspaper AJ S the English architectural journal – which has been offering the Women architects Award since 2013.

5:45pm Presentation of the European partners

Italians partners: Association Donne Architetto with Fulvia FAGOTTO

Belgium partners : Yoana PLESCA and UfvAb (Association des femmes Architectes de Belgique)

Spanish Partners: Eva ALVARES and her association Empowering Women Architects.

English partners: Anna Schabel, chairwoman of WIA Britain and AJ’S JOURNAL who founded the women architects’ awards

German partners: with Hille Bekic, Katrin Bohringer, Shivani Chakraborty, Elke Duda, Gabriele Fink, Anna Schuster, Sarah rivière and Elke Haus

Austrian partners: Silja TILLNER and Olivia Schimek-Hickisch

Slovak partners: Women in Architecture SLOVAKIA with Andréa KLIMKO

Irish Partners: Grafton who organizes the Architecture Biennale

CEA: the European Council of Architects and the comity for EQUALITY with Ursula FAIX

6:15pm Presentation of the French partners of WIA France

ARVHA founder of the woman architect Awards in France open to international architects since 2017


6.30 pm Proposed actions

Studies on the profession; who should be mobilized? the Ministerial Committee for Equality at the Ministry of Culture, with Agnès SAAL, in charge of the Mission for Diversity at the Ministry of Culture.

the order of architects in France: what actions should be taken? with the contribution of Catherine JACQUOT ex-president of the national council of architects in France, the professionals – testimonials of Véronique DESCHARRIEREs winner of the 2015 Women Architect Prize (original work).

Future moments of medialization: like Innsbruck October 2018 – Paris awards of women architects December the 10th and the next days 10 – 12 December and Hamburg July 2019

Venice from the 23th of May until end of September 2018 Palazzo Mora

the International Architecture Exhibition in Venice with the testimony of Sophie BERTHELIER Winner of the 2017 Women Architect Prize,

Symposium in Innsbruck, Austria, 18 – 20 October 2018 and the Hamburg Summer Architecture in summer 2019.

what actions should be taken regarding architecture schools? testimonial of teachers and students at the Malaquais Architecture School (France).

Debates and proposals.

End 7:30 pm

The French Prize of Women Architects

Prize 2017

For the year 2017, the results are :

Young Woman Architecte

For the category young women Architect, the prize is awarded to LA ARCHITECTURES
represented by Linda Gilardone and Axelle Acchiardo
A special mention is given to Marie BLANCKAERT pour her commitment in participation with inhabitants of region Nord .

Original work

The prize of Original work is given to Cécile MESCAM for the house of recollection of the cemetery of Dinan –Bretagne.

Women Architect

Le Prize of Women Architect is given to Sophie BERTHELIER for her work.

The Jury has decided to award a Mention Spécial Mention TO Dominique MARREC for the prize of Women Architect agence ECDM – Emmanuel COMBAREL Dominique MARREC .

International Prize

The prize of Women Architect is given to CARME PINOS for her work (Spain and Mexico )
A Mention Special is given to Carin SMUTS for her engagement with inhabitants of south Africa.

The laureates received a trophy specially designed for this prize, trophies made by Nicole BARONDEAU, glass craftswoman.

ARVHA thanks all the participants, laureates or non-laureates, the jury members for their investment for this prize as well as Mr Vincent LACAILLE, Chef of the department of quality in architecture and landscape Ministry of Culture, Mrs. Muriel MAYETTE-HOLTZ Director of the House of France, Villa Medici in Rome and all members of the jury for their contribution. The 820 projects presented since 2013 by 280 women architects.

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