Interview d’Agnès Guillemin et Agnès Chryssostalis, Interview of Agnès Guillemin et Agnès Chryssostalis, laureates 2014 of the Prize of Women Architect in the Young Woman Architect. The long version of the video is available here : Long version
For ARVHA they answered to those questions :

  • How did you decide to become associates ?
  • Do you work more on furniture, architecture or construction? Can you talk about your projects ?
  • Do you think the attention focused on details is a feminine specificity ?
  • What brought you the Prize of Young Women architects ?
  • Among your colleague, have you a lot of friends who are architects and self-employed ?
  • You felt a feminization of the profession, do you think it’s a good thing ?
  • What are you future projects ?
  • Would you advise other women to participate to the Prize of Women Architects ?
  • What are the beneficial impacts that you hope with the Prize ?
  • What are the qualities that you need to have to be successful in your job and to confront difficulties ?
  • Many of your colleagues are doing other jobs why ?