This survey about graduates architects from the school-year 2010 shows a high level of insertion in the fields corresponding to their formation. However, there is a strong augmentation (4 points) of women architects with a State diploma that are in situation of seeking employment.

Although 83,2% of graduates have a professional activity, those in seeking employment who were 8,9% in 2012, today are 12,4%. This last figure touches especially the women architects who are ADE or have HMONP.

The main field of activity for graduates is the architectural conception (85,2%), the renovation and the maintenance of buildings (32,1%) where they exercise missions of project management (93%), and construction site supervision (49,4%).

Three years after the acquisition of their diploma, three quarters of them are employees (72,4%), occupied a permanent job in private sector (82,7%). Only one graduate in five have the status of self-employed (21,4%).

The last one is more carried out by men (24,3%). Furthermore, 23, 4% of interrogated graduates are registered on the list of the Order of Architects. Finally, in 2014, the average net income of the graduates (24757€) is in progress.

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