Interview of Christiane Schmuckle Mollard, laureate 2014 of the Prize of Women Architects, special patrimony mention of the Jury. The long version of the video is available here :  Long Version

For ARVHA she answered to those questions :

  • You did a lot of rehabilitation works, castles in Ile-de-France, a high-school, a large variety of operations.
  • So a large variety of projects, recently the rehabilitation of a middle-school in Villejuif.
  • You are the first woman head-architect of the Historical Monuments in France. How your nomination happened ?
  • How did the partner companies react when they saw a woman arrived on the building site ?
  • Tell us about the arrow the Cathedrale of Strasbourg.
  • When you ask the companies to redo a work or when you criticize is, how they react ?
  • How this profession lives on? How the fact of the issue of public market changed your life on the public building sites ?
  • Do you advise young women to do the profession that you did ?
  • What are the qualities, you think, allow you to obtain the special mention of the Jury of the Prize of the Women Architects 2014 ?
  • Would you advise young women architects to participate to the Prize of Women Architects ?
  • Is there enough women at the Architecture academy ?