Sandra DE GIRGIO received the award for the 2018 young architect for her projects.

Specializing in Eco-Materials It has developed many projects with biosourced materials such as rehabilitation with straw this building of wooden and straw housing.

She talks about her projects and her perception as a woman of the art of architect.

Can you talk to us about the prices you received?

You have been nominated for the first job in the silver squad  Primated in 2018 for the Awards Awards And last Forty in EUROPE

You have worked a lot about the issue of people’s participation and the concept of sustainable development. What are your motivations? C

an you talk to us about the project of wood and straw in Nogent le Retroux? and wood and straw construction?

How to meet the fire safety standards in the year frame of straw and wood constructions?

Can you talk to us about the project with Paris Habitat – heavy rehabilitation in straw?

Can you talk to us about the Montreuil project in participation with the people?

What is your experience of people’s participation as anarchitect? Do you have new projects on sustainable development?

Your position as a leading woman.

Do you have colleagues who emerged like you? Did you have a feeling of discrimination?

Have you encountered difficulties in negotiating new contracts?

to assume your role as a leading woman?

Being two is an advantage for you?

What are the returns for your youngest woman’s price?

would you recommend to young women to compete for this prize?

Thanks to Sandra DE GIORGIO