Interview de Manuelle Gautrand, Laureate of the Prize of Women Architects 2014. The long version of the interview is available here : Long version

For ARVHA she answered to those questions:

  • How did you get your first orders ?
  • How do you explain the success of your career? How do you explain the fact that you have constructed some big and small operations which are prestigious ?
  • Do you think there are some flagship operations that reveal the characteristics of your architecture ?
  • Did you meet particuliar difficulties being a woman or a directrice of architecture agency ?
  • You are associated to a man who helps you daily to confront the questions of agency’s gestion which are also important.
  • You said there are plenty of women in Schools Architecture and finally only few of them are recognized by the profession, do you think the Prize can help to improve things ?
  • Do you have new projects that you want to expose to us ?
  • As a directrice of agency, how is it with your masculine coworkers ?