Marie ZAWISTOWSKI is a winner of the architectural woman price special mention young architect woman. She has a practice at Grenoble’s school of Architecture and architect with her husband for their OnSite architectures.

They build and realize one project at the same time, with their students, is designing ecological buildings with local materials and local artisans.

Marie Zawistowski answers our questions:

Can you talk to us about the projects you’ve taken with your Keith ZAWISTOWSKI husband in the United States?

Tell me about your teaching practice?

Have you ever seen, or you have been in the form of discrimination?
Do you know any other women architects who would have had the same pathways?

How did you come from this passion for sustainable development?

Have you received a special mention of the young woman’s architect, what have been the consequences?

Did you have other prices? which one?

Do you recommand the prize of women architects to other women?
Thanks to Marie ZAWISTOWSKI