Interview of Manuelle Gautrand, Laureate of the Prize of Women Architects 2016, category Original Work. The long version of the interview is available here : Long version

For ARVHA she answered to those questions :

  • How did you get your first order ?
  • Can you talk about your experience with Rem Koolhaas ?
  • Can you tell us about the Prize of Housing of the Architecture Academy 2016 that you won ?
  • How did you get orders in France ?
  • Have you a specific architectural writing ?
  • Tell us about the work you presented for the category Original Work, the neighbourhood of Bègles in Bordeaux (France)
  • Why did you participate to the Prize of Women Architects? Do you think it is useful ?
  • Would you recommend to other women to participate to the Prize ?
  • Have you known discrimination during your career ?
  • What advice would you give to young women who would like to be architect ?